How To Use keyboard shortcuts while watching Youtube Videos

Hi Guys, this is a short video on how to use keyboard shortcuts while watching youtube videos and make life simple.

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This is a very short video on how to use short cut keys while you are watching videos or movies on youtube channel. We all know shortcut keys for other applications and tools but youtube also has some of their shortcut keys which you can use to run youtube videos and clips much more easily.
So if you are wondering how you shortcut keys for youtube videos then here I am explaining you the same.

One the video is on, you can press the key “J” and the video will fall back by 10 seconds and if you press “L” the youtube video will move 10 seconds ahead. Same way if you press space key the video will stop there and there itself and I think this shortcut youtube key is used most often. There are other youtbe shortcut keys such as arrow key. If you press up arrow key then the volume will increase and if you press the down arrow key the volume will decrease. That’s about it guys. I am going to make plenty of videos on how to stuff about youtube in the coming days for you so that you are aware of each and everything on youtube along with the videos that you watch. So if you have not yet started t use youtube shortcut keys then you should start using it.

Hope this video will be of some help for you.
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