How to Decide Best Selling Products In Amazon And Sell Online

Hi Guys, in this video, I am going to tell you how you can decide which is the best product to sell online based on product ratings with the help of amazon seller central. Please note that these products can also be sold in other websites because if the demand is huge in amazon then it can be done in other online selling sites as well such as flipkart, snapdeal, paytm, ebay and shopclues.

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It’s imperative to decide which product to sell online to make money online. To find out the best selling products online, amazon seller app is the best tool you can use. You first download the seller app from the palystore or appstore if you have IOS phone. Then log in with your ID and password. Once you are logged in, select sell a product from the amazon seller central mobile app. There you will find top sellers, movers and shakers, hot new releases, recommended products and much more. Lets click on top sellers and you will see lot of categories. Each category will show you the best selling product based on product rating. Lower the rating better the selling chances.

So if you are planning to sell online in any of the marketplace websites in India then I would suggest you check this out once. You will get a lot of idea to earn money online by deciding the right product to sell so that you do not waste your money selling low demand products. To get an answer on how to sell on amazon or how to sell in amazon is easy but it would be difficult to know which products to sell online that can give you maximum orders and good return on investment. So my intention was to give you a broad idea as to how you can choose the right product to gain maximum orders.
Amazon seller central page doesn’t give this option of looking at best seller or top selling products hence amazon seller central app is the best option available right now.

Also remember that you can use the same information to decide if you can sell those products other marketplace websites such as Snapdeal. Flipkart, Paytm, Ebay and Shopclues. You can take the clue from here and sell in those sites also to increase your sell.

Hope this video will be of some help for you.
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