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Hey friends, I am sure that you know online business or ecommerce business in India is booming like anything and lot of sellers are involved in selling their products but do you really want to know how to make profit from it? In this video, we are going to talk about some of the ways how you can make profit from your ecommerce business with the help of Amazon profitability calculator.

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For any business to be successful in any part of the world, the most important factor is the costing. Without doing proper costing it is not going to be a smooth journey at all. Especially in to make profit online, there are multiple factors that are involved and hence it becomes more complicated to understand how the costing is done for products so that you make profit through it. You will find plenty of online business ideas but everything is just waste without any profit. Remember guys, online business in India looks very lucrative but its not the same from the other side. eCommerce business in India is running through tremendous loss and not many sellers are making enough profit through it. In this video I have spoken about 1 simple money making idea with the help of Amazon profitability calculator which will help us to understand costing to an extent and give you a broad idea as to how you can make profit while selling online.

First of all, we will go to amazon seller central page and the link for the same is In this page, at the bottom of the screen you will find and option that says “Kitna Milega – FBA Profitability Calculator”. The direct link for this page is Once you are in this page you will find something written as “Kitna Milega – FBA Profitability Calculator.” On the right top side of the screen. Moment you click you will land on this page and here you will get an option to do the costing.

You have to first decide on the product based on online business opportunities and do the costing for the same. If you follow this method of costing then you can easily make good amount of profit in your online business or ecommerce business. Please note that its easy to make money online but that won’t be a real money if you do not calculate the actual expenses involved in it. So if you are thinking how to start online business then also think about how to make profit from it at the same time.
I hope that this small tutorial on how to make profit in online business and ecommerce business is going to be of some help for you and I also hope that you earn money online with good profit. If you want to know more about online business in India, ecommerce business in India, online business Ideas, how to start online business, money making ideas, online business opportunities, make money online then please do not hesitate to comment in the comment box and I will be more than happy to help you guys.

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